It’s been quite a rough 18 months hasn’t it? If you are one of the thousands of people who have been affected by long COVID either physically or emotionally I believe, I can support you on your journey back to health.

When we succumb to a virus (either COVID, Epstein Bar or Glandular Fever for example) our body’s innate intelligence does all it can to fight the virus instinctively. After all, it’s kept you alive without you even realising, as we are surrounded by bacteria and viruses 24/7 and yet we don’t die.

However, after this particularly nasty virus, the body can be left exhausted from fighting and needs a kick start back to its pre-virus state. By treating everyone as an individual, several of my clients who have struggled with long COVID have responded exceptionally well to a combination of holistic treatments including: natural supplements, the Emmett Technique Lymphatic Sequence and Reflexology. With this combination the body is kick-started into action again. Imagine, if you will, trying to start a car with a flat battery… using the techniques above I have witnessed the “car” jump back into life. Here are a couple of comments from long COVID clients:

“I can’t believe the difference after one session… I am bouncing around like Tigger after 8 weeks flat on my back.”

“Why the hell doesn’t everyone know about this? I feel much more like my old self.”

“I never thought I would feel well again.”

Read more about long COVID and it’s symptoms on the NHS website

If you would like to take that first step back to health please contact me on 07766743971 or fill in a contact form.