Meet Caroline

Following a career in the professional services industry of over 25 years, and having progressed as far as I could within that sector, I realised that something was missing. I knew I loved caring for others, something I had done naturally from a very early age. I came into complementary therapy by accident during a period of family turmoil and after a life changing experience on holiday in Portugal in 2004. Having never any experienced holistic therapy before, my treatment involved a mixture of Reiki, Reflexology and Aromatherapy. It was booked as an hour long session, but I actually walked out of the treatment more than two hours later a completely different person. Without realising it, I had the most amazing counselling and healing session. It changed my life!

On return from holiday I set about learning all I could in the areas I love. I have spent the last 20 years increasing and honing my skills in a variety of therapies to ensure that I give my clients the very best I can offer.

I am a great believer in the connection between the Mind, Body and Spirit and indeed, there is massive evidence to support this. It goes to the heart of, and is fundamental to, my practice. In addition to my physical therapies, I endeavour to ensure that I adopt a rounded approach to my clients’ personal transformation.

When a client first comes to me with a problem, we spend time together discussing their life and health to ensure a rapport exists between us. This way, my clients know that each session is tailored to their own individual needs, both physical emotional and spiritual. I regularly contact my clients between sessions just to offer ongoing support to them. I believe this is essential to their successful healing. I truly believe that we cannot heal others, but we are all capable of healing ourselves – in my case, I am merely a facilitator for my clients’ own wonderful healing abilities.

Holistic Therapy Solihull

You know the saying… “behind every successful man”… Well, I’m blessed with an amazingly supportive husband, Tony, who has walked with me every step of my learning and healing journey. He continues to be my inspiration, rock and mentor, keeping me grounded but also nudging me forward when I need that push… A true partnership.

“Why bother? Because right now, ,there is.. someone out there with.. a wound.. in the exact shape… of your words.”

Sean Thomas Doughery, The Second O of Sorrow

With Reflexology you will walk as if you are kissing the earth with your feet.

Thich Nhat Manh

Re-balance Your MIND, BODY & SPIRIT